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News – Bluetooth Bee

Check out our new product Bluetooth Bee.

News – USB to Serial

Check out our new product USB to Serial.

Vehicle Tracker

Everyone need monitoring and control of their vehicles in this era of Machine to Machine(M2M) communication. This Vehicle Tracker device allows you to track your vehicle in real-time through GPRS connectivity. This device provides your vehicle’s current position(latitude & longitude) to server on internet where you can see your vehicle movement on Map.It has inputs which can be used to monitor Engine Ignition, Door open status.

Vehicle Tracker Top viewIt has outputs which can be used to control Engine Shutdown. It has internal memory to store vehicle position data when GSM network not available and send it later. It is designed based on PIC18 microcontroller. We worked on firmware development of Vehicle Tracker for our client.

Wireless Gateway

Wireless Gateway provides a simple gateway between wireless sensors in your network and applications on the internet. This Device has Ethernet & WiFi support which allows connectivity to internet servers through internet network. It supports multiple pluggable radio frequency(RF) modules including TI’s CC3000, CC2530, CC1180, CC1110 and XBee based on different standards like WiFi, ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, Customized protocol.Wireless Gateway Top viewThis device can be used for electricity monitoring and home automation. It is designed based on ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller. We added radio modules firmware support to Wireless Gateway for our client. We also added radio module firmware up-gradation over Ethernet feature.

Bluetooth Bee

Bluetooth Bee is a low cost classic 2.0 Bluetooth module in XBee footprint. Bluetooth Bee supports serial port profile(SPP) which is really easy to use AT command based Bluetooth profile. You can configure Bluetooth Bee to work as a Master or slave.Bluetooth Bee Top viewIt can be used in many applications which require Bluetooth based wireless communication e.g. Smart Phone controlled Robotic Car, Home Automation, Weather Monitoring, Bluetooth Thermal Printer.