IOController is designed to suit applications requiring Electronics Automation. IOController can be used in Machine Production Monitoring and Automation, Packaging Plant Automation, Building and Home Automation, Lighting Automation, Agriculture Automation. It has 5 active low Optoisolated Inputs, 5 active low Optoisolated Inputs, 2 Relay Outputs, 2 Open collector Outputs Multiplexed, RS485 connectivity, Buzzer, 16×2 Alphanumeric LCD Multiplexed, 8 Digital Inputs/Outputs, 4 Status Leds on Hardware.

IOController Top view
IOController Bottom view

Optoisolated Inputs can be used to connect Switches, NPN Proximity Sensors, PNP Proximity Sensors, Door Close Sensors and Water Level Sensors over long distance. Relay Outputs can be used to control high voltage AC powered devices. Open collector Outputs can be used to place Status Leds at a long distance. RS485 can be used to monitor activity from Master device and remote configuration. Buzzer can be used to indicate user. 16×2 LCD can be used to show status of process and for the local configuration of device. Digital Inputs/Outputs can be used to control Stepper Motors using external Driver.

We can develop customize software and hardware based on IOController. Contact us with your specific design requirement.