To get benefits of continuously changing Embedded and Wireless technology; To realize your concept or idea as an electronics product; To make your existing product feature rich; To kick out your existing outsourcing-off souring partner due to lack of quality and responsibility, you must find a partner who can deliver cost effective, quality, innovative and scalable solution in a timely manner to stay competitive and to cope with ever-increasing need in this dynamic business environment.

We at Energy Cloud, serve you for turnkey solutions, discrete solutions, solution integration, opensource evaluation-customization-development, application development and porting in embedded engineering domain.

Our technology reach in Embedded, ARM Cortex-M3, Embedded Linux, FreeRTOS, Zigbee, 6LoWPAN, Wireless sensor network, 8 bit Microcontrollers, VoIP, RFID, M2M, GPS, Energy management with experienced delivery skill help you to achieve maximum throughput in every terms.

We work with you right from outlining your need to feasibility check, design, development, prototyping and testing to make you feel satisfied and proud yourself for choosing us.

Our expertise:

  • Languages: C, C++, Embedded C & C++, Matlab, XML, Javascript, Html
  • Embedded OS: Embedded Linux, FreeRTOS
  • Microcontrollers:
    • ARM Cortex-M3/M4 (TI Stellaris, LPC17XX, STM32), ARM7 (LPC21XX, LPC24XX)
    • PIC, AVR, LPC series 8 bit, MSP430, 8051
  • Cross-Compiler: ARM EABI Code Sourcery, WinAVR, AVR-GCC, MPLAB C, HI-TECH C, C18, C51, Small Device C Compiler(SDCC)
  • Technology: Zigbee, 6LoWPAN, RFID, GSM/GPRS, GPS, Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)
  • High level protocol: SIP, SDP, LDAP, TLS, SRTP, RTP, TCP/IP, HTTP