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IOController is designed to suit applications requiring Electronics Automation. IOController can be used in Machine Production Monitoring and Automation, Packaging Plant Automation, Building and Home Automation, Lighting Automation, Agriculture Automation. It has 5 active low Optoisolated Inputs, 5 active low Optoisolated Inputs, 2 Relay Outputs, 2 Open collector Outputs Multiplexed, RS485 connectivity, Buzzer, 16×2 Alphanumeric LCD Multiplexed, 8 Digital Inputs/Outputs, 4 Status Leds on Hardware.

IOController Top view
IOController Bottom view

Optoisolated Inputs can be used to connect Switches, NPN Proximity Sensors, PNP Proximity Sensors, Door Close Sensors and Water Level Sensors over long distance. Relay Outputs can be used to control high voltage AC powered devices. Open collector Outputs can be used to place Status Leds at a long distance. RS485 can be used to monitor activity from Master device and remote configuration. Buzzer can be used to indicate user. 16×2 LCD can be used to show status of process and for the local configuration of device. Digital Inputs/Outputs can be used to control Stepper Motors using external Driver.

We can develop customize software and hardware based on IOController. Contact us with your specific design requirement.

Vehicle Tracker

Everyone need monitoring and control of their vehicles in this era of Machine to Machine(M2M) communication. This Vehicle Tracker device allows you to track your vehicle in real-time through GPRS connectivity. This device provides your vehicle’s current position(latitude & longitude) to server on internet where you can see your vehicle movement on Map.It has inputs which can be used to monitor Engine Ignition, Door open status.

Vehicle Tracker Top viewIt has outputs which can be used to control Engine Shutdown. It has internal memory to store vehicle position data when GSM network not available and send it later. It is designed based on PIC18 microcontroller. We worked on firmware development of Vehicle Tracker for our client.


i-POS Top viewi-POS allows control of point of sale(POS) display using Mobile Apps over local area network. It has support for Hope RF wireless module specifically RFM22B. This wireless communication capability enables use of i-POS to relay data from Mobile Apps to wireless POS display powered by RF Bridge. It is designed based on Microchip PIC18 microcontroller which has single chip Ethernet capability.

Home Controller

Home Controller is designed for home automation using Mobile Apps. Home Controller acts as a bridge between Mobile Apps and Home Appliances. It has Ethernet connectivity which allows Mobile Apps to control Home Appliances using local area network or via Internet when enabled with server connection. It can control and monitor Home Appliances directly connected to device using input/output board. It can also control wireless smart plug connected Home Appliances.Home Controller Top viewHome Controller has provision for connecting Sub GHz RFM22B and 2.4 GHz RFM70P wireless Hope RF Modules. This allows transmission of wireless command which is understood by wireless smart plug. Hence it enables control of wireless smart plug connected Home Appliances using Mobile Apps.

Home Controller can send you notification E-mail whenever Home Appliances turned ON or OFF. It can also act as a base station for Wireless temperature sensor or any other wireless sensor which can send you sensor reading, received from Wireless sensor, in E-mail.

RF Bridge

RF Bridge is a small-sized device which replaces wired serial data connection between two node/device with wireless communication. Design includes Microchip PIC18 microcontroller interfaced with wireless module to establish wireless link. It is designed to support Hope RF wireless modules specifically Sub GHz RFM22B, RFM12B and 2.4 GHz RFM70.
RF Bridge Top viewDifferent connectors on board provides easy replacement of Hope RF wireless modules. Developer can program firmware according to Hope RF wireless module they want to select based on application area, desired range and permitted frequency. On board LEDs can be used to indicate the communication status between two wireless nodes.

RF Bridge is highly suitable for various application areas like,

  • Home security and automation
  • Industrial control
  • Wireless data logging
  • Small scale wireless display
  • Health monitoring
  • Toy control via PC